Do-It-All Sports Arena

Indoor Soccer Rules Summary




1.      Each Team will consist of ten players for 5 Vs 5 play. There will be 4 field players and a goalkeeper.

2.      Each game will consist of two 22-minute halves.

3.      Ball size: U10 & U12 #4 – U14 and up #5

4.      All goals are worth 1 point except those shot from outside the arc, which will be worth 2 points. Two point shot may hit an anther defensive player.

5.      All balls hitting any netting are considered a dead ball and must be put back into play within 5seconds or it will be a turnover.

6.      The goalie can only pick up the ball once after receiving a pass from his teammate, until the ball has passed  the mid field line, or a change of possession occurs. Penalty will result in a turnover at mid field.

7.      Any violation of the 5-second rule by the goalkeeper will result in the ball being placed on the corner “dot”

8.      When ball is being put back in play, all defending players must stay 10 feet away from the ball.

9.      Goalkeepers putting the ball back in play may only throw , roll, or place kick the ball and it must hit another player or the floor before crossing the midfield line. Violations will result in a turnover at mid field.

10.  Substitutions may occur any time during the game. Any numbers of substitutions are allowed as long as the field player is exiting and no longer playing the ball.

11.  Players may only touch the walls for protection and not to gain leverage or obstruct anyone.

12.  Foul language will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic blue/yellow card (2 minute penalty).

13.  Any flagrant fouls will results in a red card (5-minute penalty and no substitute). Two blue/yellow cards and the player will be ejected from the game.

14.  There will be no slide tackling. Definition: When any part of the player body, other than their feet, touches the ground.

15.  Offensive players are NOT allowed to enter the goalkeepers small box. Penalty results in a penalty kick.

16.  No spectators or family members will be allowed on the field.

17.  All players must sign a player liability waiver form before they participate in every game

18.  Finally, please remember ALL REFEREES CALLS ARE FINAL. There will be no contesting of any calls by a coach, player, or parent. We are here to have fun and enjoy soccer.