Do-It-All plays by U.S.V.B.A. modified rules, some exceptions are as follows:


1ST BALL OVER- Double contact is allowed but it must be clean contact. No roll or slop. Dennis looks to see if the ball came to rest or rolled.


FOOT CONTACT- They can punt the ball if they want to. Almost any contact is allowed.


SETTING SERVE- Allowed, but again it must be clean. No rest, spin or slop.


BASE LINE- We will keep this the same. You can step on it or shadow it but not over.


NET VIOLATIONS- Again, keep it the same. Any player in net is a violation.


SERVE- 5 second whistle on the serve, not 8. Also, serve toss can be repeated following officials re-whistle of start.



NOTE: Many of the discrepancies on the calls come into play because beach rules are brought indoors. The rules for indoor play are very specific, no lifts or stopping the ball. Some 2 & 3 man beach rules allow variations of this. We do not. The contact must be clean, without rolls, lifts, or stopping ball motion.


Games are played rally point to 25 points.